Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today's MOMENT OF ZEN 3/8/13

Photo and words by F LoBuono

Recently, a man I've known for many years and as a recent "Facebook Friend", took exception to my response to one of his postings on Facebook. I thought my reaction was rather innocuous. He, obviously, did not as he proceded to erase the post and "block" me from further participation with him on Facebook. I hope that he received my last message that informed him if you post things in a PUBLIC FORUM (aka Facebook) you should expect a response. Otherwise, you are lecturing, not discussing. I was immediately blocked. Well, even though he may never see this, I thought that I should write it anyway:

I have never been afraid to speak my mind. I say what I believe and then stand in the kitchen and take the heat. I know that my writing has inspired some people and that it has pissed others off, too. Well, as I writer and journalist, I also know that I have, then, done my job!!!


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  2. If one is not willing to stand behind one's comments, then one is obviously not as well informed as one thought they were. People need to be open to another person's views, that's how we learn. Sometimes it's a hard lesson, often times it's an enlightening experience. It all depends on the individual.

  3. It's 7:40AM when this was published Frank not 4:39AM Italy's six hours ahead of Maine in time, but the date's right!

  4. I'm into what you said, Kat, not what time you wrote it!! LOL And I agree totally.