Friday, July 12, 2013

Today's MOZEN 7/12/2013

Words and photo by F LoBuono
I am so fortunate to live in a beautiful apartment, located on a wooded lot, that has large, bay windows. In addition to the wonderful light the large windows grant me, they also allow me access to my little "half-acre" of nature. This means that, every morning, when the windows are wide open, I'm serenaded by a cacophony of sweet bird melodies. In fact, sometimes, it's an actual riot of sound! However, I also live about two blocks from the NYS Thruway and the Tappan Zee Bridge, two MAJOR transportation routes into New York City and the surrounding metro complex. In other words, there's plenty of traffic and the noise associated with it. And, this, my friends, provides the perfect metaphor for the yin and yang that is also known as life:

You can't enjoy the sweet music of the birds without the sound of the traffic, too. It's a matter of choice and perception. Which one will you choose to "hear"?

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