Saturday, October 5, 2013

Today's MOZEN 10/5/2013

By F LoBuono

Perhaps, you may have noticed that, just for a change, I've had little to say about the current "stalemate" in Congress. In fact, I've said and written nothing. I used quotations marks around "stalemate" because I'm not sure that it's the right word. Somehow, it just doesn't seem powerful enough to describe the shit storm that has been created in Washington. That's part of the reason for my silence; frustration. I feel like I've said it all already. In fact, it's ALL been said by EVERYBODY. And I'm following my own advice: when there is too much too say, say little.

But, I feel like I have to say something!

I don't think that I'm unique in admitting that, quite frankly, I don't fully understand the ramifications of the new health care reform initiative, commonly known as Obamacare. So, instead of harping on what I don't know, let me share what I do know: Virtually all of us understand that the state of health care in this Country needs reform in the most urgent way. The question remains - how? I don't have that answer. However, the current administration is AT LEAST MAKING AN EFFORT to do so. From my understanding, this law has elements that make sense and, if implemented properly, will work. Of course, like most new ventures, there will be pitfalls. But it is an ATTEMPT to do the right thing. If we give this new legislation the time, and make the EFFORT, to see it move forward, we can capitalize on what is right with it and, in time, eliminate what's wrong with it.

What I see from those opposed (i.e. ultra-conservative Republicans, supported by the Tea Party) is complete obstructionism. And, again, as powerful a word as that is, I'm not sure that even it is strong enough to describe what's going on in Congress. Sure, there are two sides to every story, and there is the truth. And, IMHO, I see the truth being this: The GOP, encouraged by the Tea Party and supported by Faux News, to further their own POLITICAL AGENDA, have weakened the strength of this Country by sowing nothing more than FEAR AND LOATHING. I have not heard one, not one, from the above mentioned cadre offer a viable alternative to the current legislation. Not one. Ted Cruz babbles on in a vain (literally) attempt to explain his opposition to the legislation without offering one single alternative. Not one. He filibusters when there is no place for it. Why? Because he can? NONSENSE. To hold a gun to the head of this Country, and call it an attempt at reform, is just plain SHAMEFUL.

So, here's in my message to those who obstruct without offering solutions to construct:

Stop selling FEAR AND LOATHING to the American people, and do your friggin' jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all.

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