Monday, December 8, 2014

Today's MOZEN: By The Numbers 12/8/2014

Words by F LoBuono
I recently posted some statistics concerning the most dangerous jobs in America. I used it to make a point. That point has been made to some but missed by others. I'll break them down further and then attempt to make my point one more time. In 2013, 27 policemen were killed by felony assault. A TOTAL of 105 police officers died while on line of duty. These incidents include accidents, heart attacks, etc. By comparison, during the same period of time, 268 FARMERS died on the job. 485 TRUCKERS lost their lives. And, at #1, 721 MINERS perished on their jobs. I present these FACTS NOT to denigrate ANYONE but to uplift EVERYONE!! All life matters.

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