Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today's Photo Album. A Long Tradition of Music

Every Monday night a little bit of magic happens. For over thirty years, musicians have gathered at O'Donaghue's Tavern at the corner of Broadway and Main in Nyack, NY, the legendary "O'D's". The kitchen is closed and the place is turned over to men and woman who make all types of folk music on many types of instruments - guitars, fiddles, accordions, washboard base, whistles, drums, bongos, and even a saw. And, they make all types of music. I've heard everything from Cole Porter to Irish and Italian folk songs. There is a core of musicians that play just about every week. They are usually joined by a host of rotating artists who come from all over to join in the merriment. In fact, just last week, a young woman from Alaska lent her beautiful voice to the ensemble.

The music starts late, around 10 pm, and lasts late. I left at 2:30 last night and some of the gang were still playing. But, there is change in the air at O'D's. Kevin O'Donaghue, the long-time owner, is rumored to be making changes to his place and the musicians are not sure of their future at O'D's. Still, for now, the tradition continues. Do yourselves a favor, stop in on a Monday night. You'll be greeted by "Tucky" one of the nicest bartenders you are every likely to encounter and discover another wonderful tradition that makes Nyack such a magical place to live.

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