Tuesday, January 24, 2017

When You Think About It: Graffiti.

F LoBuono
New York City boasts some of the most intricate, and often artistic, graffiti in the world. It is usually as bold as it is enigmatic. Some of the images are huge, taking up an entire wall. And, they seem ubiquitous. There doesn't seem to be a train tunnel or overpass that isn't marked with one form or another.

So, answer me this: have you ever SEEN someone actually creating graffiti?

Because defacing private (or public) property is against the law, it is understandable that most graffiti artists engage in their work under the cover of darkness and by using great stealth. Still, I have traveled in these areas at ALL times of day and night for over 50 years and I have NEVER seen ANYONE creating graffiti. EVER. You would think that in the thousands of trips I have made at all hours in and around this great City I would have seen it at least one time - just once! But, nope. Still waiting. Like magic, one day it simply appears. Amazing!

Can anyone relate a story of having seen some of this art created?

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