Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today's MOMENT OF ZEN 2/19/13

The result of the loss of mojo. Words by F LoBuono
The French have a marvelous way of expressing complex concepts in simple words or short phrases. The one that comes to my mind today is joie de vivre or lust for life. Although fairly self-explanatory, it also has a deeper meaning. It describes a lifestyle or attitude that embraces life to the fullest. In a sense, it can be seen as a life force; a type of spirit that is more felt than articulated with words. It means to fully experience not only the highs, but the lows we all encounter on our journey through life, as well. And the key word is not experience but, rather, embrace. To experience life is to allow things to happen without truly understanding why things happen. There is a simple elegance in this; accepting things simply for what they are can be profound. However, when we embrace life, we come to terms with its meaning. I believe that this way of thinking takes us deeper and, therefore, makes our lives more complete.

We have a word in our vernacular that embodies the same concept: mojo. Although used for years among "hipsters", it faded from popular use until it was revitalized in one of the Austin Powers movies with Mike Meyers. In one installment, Super Secret Agent Powers has his mojo stolen by his nemesis, Dr. Evil. The plot revolves around Powers searching to recover it, for he is virtually powerless without it. It's a funny movie.

Well, today, I feel a little like Austin Powers looking for his mojo. You see, I get mojo. I believe in mojo. It give me swagger without arrogance. It makes me confident without being cocky. It allows me to not just succeed, but to excel. And it's one of those days that I just can't seem to find it. It's the weather. It's the job. It's the marriage. It's everything. And it's nothing. Mojo allows me to process all these things and place them where they belong. With mojo it's all part of the same movie - the good and the bad are both sides of the same coin known as life. With mojo life is not only manageable, it is enjoyable - all of it.

And it seems to have deserted me today. It happens, from time to time. The key is to find it ASAP because only mojo can defeat the blues that result from the loss of mojo. It's a vicious cycle! However, having HAD mojo, I believe that I know how to search for, and recover it. I have my talismans. I have my spirit guides. And, most, importantly, I have the knowledge that it WILL return. This IS mojo - the ability to understand that life is a process and if we keep the faith (a.k.a mojo), all will be revealed.

Now, if you should find my mojo (or joie de vivre, if you prefer) please contact me immediately! :)

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  1. No way but through....not over not under not around. Mojo doesn't leave. It is what sustains you...through the dark until you emerge on the other side . You talked about this in an earlier post. Btdt...and as Karen said on fb post we have days like this...it is how we grow. Do something today just for you! You will prevail...mojo intact! <3