Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"HD9WN" Part II



2. the tendency toward disorder in any system

The further you travel north on Route 9W, the further you get away from what most city-folk call "civilization". This is according to the whimsy of most hardcore New Yorkers and is not entirely accurate, of course. However, it is far to say that the more you head north and away from the Big City, the smaller and more depressed the towns tend to get. In addition to the disappearance of much of the tourists, many of these Hudson River Valley communities that lie along the route relied on local industries that simply no longer exist. With the death of these economies, many of these towns barely hang on. When driving through them you can almost smell the rust and decay. However, if you look past the weathered and beaten exteriors and let yourself wander, it's easy to settle back in your mind's eye to a time when these joints where jumping!

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