Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today's MOZEN: Clinging to Life 1/25/2015

Words and photo by F LoBuono
On a bitterly cold winter's morning I walked, as I often do, to the small riverside park at the end of my block. The park provides a sweeping vista of the Hudson at the Tappan Zee. It was a spectacular sunrise and I wanted to make some photos. I made a few of the emerging sun when I noticed something very curious at the water's edge. The large rocks at the shore line were covered in ice crystals. They looked like delicate glass spiders. But, perhaps, even more remarkably, interspersed between the crystals were these tiny, succulent plants. I thought it odd because most succulent species are associated with tropical climates. Still, there they were, literally clinging to the rocks - clinging to life. There was no soil to give them purchase. They were exposed to all of the cruel elements life at the water's edge in the height of winter can bring. Yet, they were not just surviving, but thriving. Where there is a will to live, there is a way to survive.

Life is precious, in all its forms. Great and small. And, we find it, often, in the most unlikely places. Respect it. All of it. Always.

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