Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creative Writing: Lessons From The Garden

Words and image by F LoBuono

It's done. Finally. It did take me a week. But the soil is turned. Every inch. Turned with tender loving care. Fork by Fork. Row by row. The fence is mended and sealed tightly. Deer proof, I hope. Groundhog proof, too. Those little bastards ate us out of house and home last year. And the deer are no better - pretty to look at but destructive as all hell, too. I've done everything I can to prepare the garden to sow the seeds of what we hope will be a good crop at the end of the summer. It's an exciting time because the garden holds all the potential that the earth can yield. Yet, in the end, we are not sure what it may deliver. We will plant with the hope of a banner harvest, but we never know. We are at the mercy of outside factors like the weather and the vermin. However, we also know that if we prepare it properly, and tend it carefully, chances are we will have a healthy garden; one that will deliver a rewarding bounty.

Isn't life like a garden? If we prepare our minds, hearts, and souls properly to receive the seeds of love and happiness, isn't there a good chance that our lives, just like our garden, will yield the fruits of those labors? From time to time, our garden must endure drought, floods, pests, and the like over the course of the seasons. Isn't it the same in our lives? We must endure many hardships before we reap our harvest. But, if are watchful, we are diligent, and we are loving, our lives, like our gardens, are bound to produce a positive result.

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