Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wisdom From The Garden

Words and image by F LoBuono

It has occurred to me that in times of great personal turmoil, when you're brain is so racked with conflict that you think it may boil, when your love seems lost in a turbulent sea of emotion, it's important to remember this: if you have given love, you will most certainly receive it. And for all the love lost, it will be returned to you ten fold. You just have to accept it.

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  1. Aint that the truth, my talk Frank! :) have a great day! btw... I originally came here to see the new poem, but LOVE, even love lost, is far more appealing to me than rage. You know how I feel about the "machine" but I feel much more about love and how eventually it will conquer all! :) Have a great day!