Monday, October 17, 2016

Today's MOZEN: You Get What You Pay For

Words and photos by F LoBuono
It couldn't be more simple: You get what you pay for.

I know, Cynthia will chide me about using yet another hackneyed phrase. But, sometimes, they become cliches because there is so much truth to them - as in this case. The Republican Party has been gearing up for the likes of one Donald Trump for decades. Now, they're stuck with him - and the fallout.

For years, the GOP has not only been the party of NO, they have been the one of HELL NO! They allowed the Tea Party, an obstructionist organization masquerading as the conservative wing of the GOP, to hijack their agenda and replace it with their own brand of vitriol. Patriots my ass! They have been bought and paid for by the likes of Monsanto, Halliburton, and the NRA. Money makes their world-go-round. The GOP has blocked virtually every piece of environmental legislation designed to slow the impact of Global Warming. Republican controlled legislatures from around the Country have passed laws slowing or impeding the progress of racial, ethnic, and gender equality. If it involves any type of social progress, the GOP is against it.

Trump accepts the GOP nomination in Cleveland
Now, to head the PARTY OF HELL NO, they have chosen the perfect candidate: Donald R. Trump - a bombastic, bilious, bellicose, ego maniacal pervert who has the sensibilities of a cassava melon. An orange-tinged Reality Show Host, Mr. Trump is an expert at saying NO - NO to immigrants, NO to science, NO to health care, NO to reasonable gun control, NO to NATO, NO to gay rights. I think that if he could, he would say NO to NO. It has become increasingly clear that if Mr. Trump goes down, he is willing to take the entire Country down with him. What a shame. What a sham!

The downward spiral has begun and the GOP appears powerless to stop it.

Well, they PAID FOR IT. And, they got it.

RIP (as in Rest In Pieces) GOP.

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