Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Valentine's Day Message

F LoBuono

Valentine's Day is one of mixed emotions for me - even when I was in a committed relationship. I never really enjoyed it because I always saw it as a manufactured holiday. Most people know its history and how it was the invention of an enterprising Hallmark Card salesman looking to drum up business during the slow season between Christmas and Easter. I mean, it's a nice sentiment but do I really need a card salesman to tell me exactly when I have to express my undying love for someone?

But, as I've aged I've mellowed. Pet peeves that once seemed so important just aren't anymore. Now, I can look past the crass commercialism (let's face it, that IS part of the holiday) and see it for just another way to spread the LOVE. And, taken as such, that can never be a bad thing.

However, the day also fills me with a feeling of melancholy. I am not in a committed relationship right now and, so, have no one to directly express my love for. Nor, is there anyone to direct their's towards me. But, to be alone has been my choice. I have loved. And, I have been loved. However, today it's the absence of that emotion that affects me the most. And, I feel for those I have wronged.

Still, instead of dwelling on what I don't have, I have chosen to accentuate what I do - the love of family and many friends. And, I intend to let that feeling wash over me like a summer's wave at the Jersey shore! I want to drown in it.

Yes, my friends, spread the love - spread it high and wide. We need it today more than ever.


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