Saturday, February 4, 2017

Guest Author: Stephen Abankwa

Stephen Abankwa

Stephen Abankwa is a young college student from Ghana, Africa. We've been Facebook friends for a few years and write to one another on a very regular basis. He tells me about his life in Africa and I tell him about mine here. He is a most joyful and curious young man. And, because he dreams of coming to the States, he is acutely interested in the American political scene. I asked him if he would write his thoughts down so that we could share them with you. He is particularly vexed with our current administration for the reasons he presents in his essay below. English is his second language so he writes in a very simple style. I edited it for grammar and syntax but kept the spirit of his writing intact.

Everyday I expect the reversal of the Emancipation Proclamation. I'm wondering whether there will ever be a day when blacks and whites will be one. I'm wondering if a day will come when a black man can live without fear of being attacked by a white racist. I'm waiting to see if President Trump will reinstate "stop-question-and frisk" so the cops can continue their daily harassment. The cameras don't seem to make a difference when they pull the trigger and take a life. 95% of them are found not guilty or not prosecuted at all. And, I believe that black people will continue to live in fear because of their skin color under Trump's administration.

"Donald Trump is a would-be dictator who will act as a divisive figure because anyone who disagrees with him is not really part of the people", George Soros said. On TV, on the radio, and on social media, we feel and see the hate. It feels like blacks are constantly surrounded by hate and aggression. There have been hundreds of attacks against Muslims, Latinos and Blacks since Mr. Trump was elected. And, I know that it won't stop. I'm trying to hold on to the notion that world leaders will come in and fight it.

You may ask yourself how a boy in Ghana, Africa would know such things. Well, because of social media, I feel like I live in the middle of the United States. And, it feels bad to see what he is doing. It seems that anyone who questions him is either under investigation or has their job threatened. America has been brought to its knees and it hasn't even been a month.I feel like we are on the brink of war. I can't understand how such a stupid man could have gained so much power. This combination always leads to a humanitarian crisis. I would be surprised if he did not lead American towards one.I especially fear for my black friends in America.

I am also personally sad because I have always dreamed of coming to America on a student visa. Now, because of President Trump, I'm not sure if that will be possible. I am also sad that so many Americans support his agenda. They have found a leader to give voice to hate and violence.

I know that racism has always existed in America. But, now, Mr. Trump has brought out the worst in white racism - black racism, too. And, the whole world is watching.

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  1. "many Americans support his agenda." Yes, there are an equal number plus 3 Million that do not Stephen.