Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Birthday Message

F LoBuono

Today is my birthday. It is said to be MY day. Whereas holidays like Christmas are celebrated en mass, your birthday is the one, singular day that belongs exclusively to you. You may share the date with others but the day is essential YOURS.

It certainly is fun to be treated so special, even for just a day. But, I have always felt something missing- there is another person in this equation who deserves at least as much, if not more, attention; our mothers.

Let's face it, gang, without our mothers there is NO life. THEY are the ones who did the most to make sure that we arrived on this planet. They are the originators of this trip we call life - and, they suffer willingly, even gladly, to introduce us to the world.

So, happy birthday to me AND Stella. The day is OURS!