Saturday, August 12, 2017

Today's MOSTLY TRUE SHORT STORY: Walking in the Rain

Words and photos by F LoBuono
It was pouring out. I mean, man, it was pissing! It was late, too - approaching 2 a.m. And, it had been a long day. I had just finished a 12 hour shift, 12p-12a. But, I didn't care. I was restless and needed to move. Besides, one never knows what a stormy night might bring with each subsequent downpour.

I have a really good umbrella and waterproof shoes. So, after I swallowed a bourbon (or 2), I slid into those shoes, grabbed that umbrella, and stepped out into the tempestuous night.

The rain was pounding and, I'm sure, most sane individuals were comfortably ensconced in their warm beds. It's about three or four blocks down Broadway from my apartment to the outskirts of the village "downtown".  It was virtually deserted. And, I loved it. The storm was being caused by a sudden cold front invading the warm, most air creating a most refreshing breeze of fresh, cool air. Occasionally, a strong gust would blow cold rainwater into my face, causing a most pleasant sensation. But, besides that, my sturdy umbrella and sensible shoes kept me dry.

As I approached the corner of Broadway and Main streets, I noticed a handsome, young couple walking towads me on the opposite side of the street. They appeared to be in their early 30's and had no umbrella or rain gear. But, still, they were in no hurry. They were strolling, side by side, at a leisurely pace. They weren't even "cringing" like must of us do when we are being pelted by heavy rain. They were having a civil conversation and, obviously, only seemed interested in one another. The rain was irrelevant. In fact, if anything, they seemed to be enjoying the good soaking! They were young, together, and care free.

It made me smile.

They continued on their way and, me, mine.

I walked through the mostly empty village for a few more minutes before turning around to make my way home. The rain never stopped. In fact, I don't think it even let up.

And, it was perfect.

I had another bourbon and went to sleep.

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