Sunday, January 27, 2013

GALLERY OF THE DAY: A Cold Day On The Hudson


  1. Some years back, I wrote a paper on the poet Mary Oliver. She is a "nature poet" a poet of the spirit of nature and of the soul. She lives on the tip of Cape Cod, and most of her poems are set there. She revisits the same places, seeing more, different, each time. I do not now recall the line verbatim in its entirety, but I am moved to share a part of it here in appreciation for the series of photographs that is developing from this one spot near your home on the Hudson. She writes that by going back to the same places, revisiting, what changes, what grows, is "the depth of our seeing." Thank you for sharing that depth of your seeing. :)

    1. This is wonderful, and oh so true, artempressia! Thank you for it. I find myself coming back to the same places here, and in NYC, too. And I'm NEVER bored. NEVER. I will always come back - because they have never failed to thrill me. NEVER. :)