Friday, January 11, 2013

Today's MOMENT OF ZEN 1/11/2013

Words by F LoBuono
MY GOD, MY GOD, MY GOD, HOW CAN THERE EVEN BE A GOD????!!!!!! The whole world weeps for Rizana Nafeck, the 17 year-old Sri Lankan girl (*when first accused), beheaded in Saudi Arabia last week. That's right, beheaded, with a sword. SEVENTEEN*. It was 2005 when a four month-old child in her care died. She was eventually charged and convicted in 2007 of strangling the child after an argument with his mother. Rizana was working in Saudi Arabia as a nanny to try and raise money for her impoverished family in Sri Lanka. In addition to being unjustly tried as an adult, she underwent brutal and harsh treatment by the Saudis, including, torture, limited visits by her family and virtually NO LEGAL COUNSEL. The trial was reported by Human Rights groups to be a sham. She didn't even know she was to be executed until it happened.

Despite pleas directly from the President and people of Sri Lanka, as well as most of the so-called civilized world, the Saudi government, as well as it's King, signed off on her brutal execution.

Is THIS the meaning of Sharia? Can THIS be the guiding principal for millions? Can THIS be called merciful? Can THIS be called compassionate? Can THIS be called divinely inspired? Can ANYONE see the hand of god in THIS?????????????

My reaction to THIS is so visceral that I find it difficult to actually focus and continue to write. So, my friends, I must rap up. I really must. I think that I may have to hurl. The shear brutality of such a heinous act, in a sense, speaks for itself anyway. Therefore, words, eventually, (after the expression of RIGHTEOUS RAGE) become superfluous. However, it is important to write just one more thing, in bold type: RIZAN NAFECK. 

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  1. Yet another example of "Man's inhumanity to man" & woman) will it ever cease?