Thursday, January 3, 2013

Today's MOMENT OF ZEN 1/3/13

Words by F LoBuono

A few months ago, I thought that we should get away from all the drama and have a little fun. I asked everyone to to choose the Superhero that they most identified with. I requested that they post a photo of their choice and a brief description explaining that choice. In addition to being simple fun, I felt like each person's choice would provide a little insight as to who they actually are as people. And, for me, people adventures are the best ones. Of course, I would be an active participant in the process. At the time, as I recall, the response was mediocre. Perhaps, the timing just wasn't right. Well, I feel like the time is right to attempt that experiment once again. After all, if we don't need a Superhero right now, then when?!

My choice then, as it is today, and, I believe, always will be, is The Incredible Hulk. Now, if you know me  at all, this makes sense and, then, it doesn't. It doesn't make sense because I believe in non-violence. Anyone who has read this blog, especially recently, should KNOW that. I so truly believe that only LOVE CAN CONQUER HATE. But it also makes sense, because I have often said that NO ONE should mistake compassion for weakness. I am willing to fight (and die) for the causes that I deeply believe in. In a sense, it may be called righteous rage. And the Hulk is the epitome of righteous rage. His anger is unbounded. His rage is unbridled. His strength is omnipotent. He cannot be hurt. He cannot be stopped. And he does it without a weapon. In fact, he's nearly naked. He is incredible.

So, a reasonable question to ask is, why would someone who avows non-violence choose a most violent symbol of rage? Well, like The Incredible Hulk, it's simple, but it's not. You see, for me, The Hulk's violence is never misdirected. The people he exposes to his rage deserve it. They are usually some type of symbol of oppression: the general bent on The Hulk's destruction, the jealous rival scientist, the brutal revolutionaries. In other words, they deserve it. Further, he is a protector. He puts himself in harms way for those he loves and for those who are truly innocent. And, still, after all that rage, the only thing that can return "the beast" to mild mannered scientist, Bruce Banner, his everyday identity, is a human connection, a gentle touch, a kind word. His violence is quelled only by peace, only by love. When The Incredible Hulk, The Indestructible Force meets the Power of Love, we know which wins, every time- THEY greatest force in the world, love.

After everything that's happened in our world recently, I want to be The Incredible Hulk, I need to be The Incredible Hulk. Someone has to be protect the children. Someone has to protect US!

Well, what say you? What super incarnation would you be to save the world?

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  1. A little late...I'd be whatever superhero would give me the power to go back in time and make sure that Nixon/Agnew lost the election. I've decided that's a good place to start.