Sunday, August 11, 2013

Today's MOZEN 8/11/2013

Word and photo by F LoBuono
The world can often be seen as a hard, cruel, merciless place. Perhaps, too often. And it's not just in the "headlines", either. It can hit us on a highly personal level, too. All of us must experience tragedy and loss in our lives. To not would be, well, not human. However, sometimes, these dark times seem to come crashing over us in waves, like some inexorable, evil tide. It leaves us with a feeling of; why me - AGAIN?! If we are not careful we can get sucked down by that dark vortex. It's then that we fail to see that life is wondrous and wonderful, too. It's all around us. Everyday. Even on the darkest day, there is light. Sometimes, we just need someone to remind us. . .

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