Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today's MOZEN 8/13/2013

Words and photo by F LoBuono
Life is much better when we share. It makes us smile.

When we get down and depressed, most of us tend to retreat within ourselves. We may even welcome a rainy, dreary day like today. It helps in our withdrawal from daily life so that we may avoid, even temporarily, the issues that may be causing our depression. Who hasn't woken up, feeling down, looked out the window at a rainy day and said, "screw it", and went right back to sleep? There is certainly nothing wrong with that. In fact, many of us find it downright therapeutic. However, if we still feel the same way after our lengthy retreat, what then? We can't sleep forever (although I know that some of you sure try!). What happens when we are forced to return to "the world'? Do we walk around in some type of haze, awake, but not quite there? Do we wallow in self-pity, torn between wanting to disappear but then becoming more depressed when no one seems to notice your angst? It becomes sort of a "Catch 22" - damned if you do, damned if you don't.  This creates a type of vortex that, if we are not careful, can suck us up and drag us down.

I offer this as a simple solution: the next time you get the urge to crawl under a rock, it's OK to do so - for a while. But after a period of introspection and, quite frankly, escapism through rest, get up and get going. Make an EFFORT (and, at first, it will seem like an EFFORT) to do more for not only yourselves, but for others, as well. When we extend ourselves with loving compassion, we tend to shift our mindset from worrying about ourselves and our own problems to making the effort to help and comfort someone else. Think about it; if our mind is occupied with the task of aiding someone else, it can't be used to incessantly dwell on the issues that where causing us pain. There is even scientific evidence that, when we do this, our body responds in a very positive way, sending the necessary chemicals to soothe our aching minds. It's nature's way!! Besides, when we do this, we create a positive energy for the word that has a cumulative effect. Think of it this way: what we are doing for others, someone maybe doing for us and so on, and so on. In this way, we create a positive energy in the world that is efficient, effective, and non-polluting! LOL

So, share something of yourselves today and smile, smile, smile :)

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