Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Moment of Zen 7/21/12

Photo and words by F LoBuono

As is my custom, especially on beautiful afternoons, I like to take a stroll through town.  I don't want to call it a mere walk.  It's more than that.  It's beyond mere locomotion as is implied by the word walk.  No.  This movement is done as much with the head as it is with the legs.  It's a chance to see, and BE seen.  It's an opportunity to connect with your surroundings and community.  For better or worse, you can even smell it!  And, if the spirit moves you, you can even tarry a bit, window shop, or share some conversation with a store keeper or neighbor. They even have words in different languages to describe this type of walking.  In Italian, it's called a passegiata.  In the Southern parts of the US they call it a constitutional.  My favorite is sojourn, a trip that allows you the time to truly experience your surroundings.

Anyway, in addition to all the esoterica, it can also serve a purpose.  I mean, you can have a destination, too.  In today's case, mine was the Chinese joint in town to grab some lunch.  It's not half bad.  At least they don't smother their food in some greasy sauce.  Plus, it's only 5 bucks - right up my alley for a cheap lunch! I decided on the shrimp egg foo young with a hot and sour shop (it's included - nice deal!).  It was all ready in under 10 minutes. I grabbed the goods and was making my way at a good pace back through town and towards my apartment. As I was approaching a young black man (I guess he must have been in his thirties), he saw me and apparently by his reaction, recognized me.  I, on the other hand, did not recognize him.  As I got closer to him, he extended his hand and said, well, well, it's the man whose been gone from Nyack for too long. Welcome back, brother.  I shook his hand while looking in his eyes.  I wanted to see if I could recollect him at all, but I could not.  I replied, it sure is good to be back.  He responded by asking, how are you doing?  I'm doin' great, I said.  Thanks for asking!  We released our handshake grip and I started to move on.  His last words to me before I turned the corner and was gone from is sight were, anytime, brother, anytime.

God, I LOVE this town


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