Friday, July 27, 2012

Today's MOMENT OF ZEN 7/27/12

Photo and words: F LoBuono

Stella received a good, solid Catholic school girl education. And she was a good student, too. But she does not have the academic qualifications that many other women in my family, including her sister and mine, posses. Still, she has a sharp and curious mind. She also has an uncanny intuition about things. I believe that she has this gift because she is a keen observer of people, and of life. This power of observation gives her the ability to break things down to their simplest, most basic level. She is able to determine what is the elemental truth in any situation. This helps her to keep things in perspective. And Stella has always helped me to find mine.  One of the ways she does this is to always let you know that she is available to LISTEN, at any time, at any place. Another, and a most endearing way, is by imparting little gems of wisdom, like this one, on me: tomorrow is another day. She has many others but let's stick with this one for now.

Tomorrow is another day. Simple enough. But is it profound? I believe that it is very much so. I know that all of us, from time to time, can be confronted by situations that get so complex they can seem overwhelming. In the street vernacular I grew up with, you don't know whether to shit or grin! You feel that if you have even one more thought, your head will certainly explode. When I feel this way (which, for an intense person like me, is often!), I have a good, long discussion with Stella about what is troubling me.  At some point, she will always say, simply, tomorrow is another day. It's so simple and yet, like many simple things, so profound. She's saying that it's OK to give yourself a break. You can do no more at the moment except make yourself even more crazy. If you put things aside for awhile, you will gain a new, fresh perspective in the morning. And you will be able to think clearly again. This is the practical application.  There is a more esoteric one, as well.

I also think that she is trying to teach me that life is in perpetual motion around us, too. It continues with, or without us. Yes, at that moment, our problems appear to us as the center of the Universe. But the sun will surely rise. There will be day and it will be followed by night. It's a big, wondrous world that offers something fresh and new EVERY day. The musical Annie and it's signature song, put it to music: The sun'll come out tomorrow.  Bet your bottom dollar that, tomorrow, they'll be sun. We just have to be receptive to it. Stella says so!

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  1. Evokes a very early memory of the first time I watched gone with the wind....those words are my "go to" place....when my head is ready to bust also. Stella her infinite wisdom reminds me so much of my mom. Thanks for the smile. My other... is hug the dog when all else fails