Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today's MOMENT OF ZEN 7/31/12

My heart soars like a hawk . . . 
                                     Chief Dan George in Little Big Man

I saw her again today. Roosting and watching, perched high upon a light post, right above the speeding (and mostly oblivious) traffic just north of the 158th St. exit of the West Side Highway. It had been awhile since I first noticed her there.  I got a little nervous thinking that, perhaps, she had abandoned me. There was a time during the late Spring that I saw her in that very spot on many occasions. Then, for a few weeks, I could not find her. And, no matter how almost common it had become, it is always special. I missed her. Red Tails are large, fierce, and intense looking animals.  Beautiful. To know how wild they truly are and see them silhouetted by the incomparable NY Skyline can be an awe inspiring experience.

But, in order to see one, you have to be aware of what's around you. To see unexpected things in unlikely places one must be alert to the world as it moves around them . If you look quickly and are not observant, she can look like just another, large pigeon. Do we really need to see another, large pigeon? Look for the signs of wonderment. The are all around us. Open your eyes. Open your minds. Open your souls. And let your heart soar like a hawk.

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