Thursday, August 2, 2012

Today's MOMENT OF ZEN 8/2/12

Words and Photo by F LoBuono

As is my custom, I was taking my morning passegiata to the Farmer's Market held here every Thursday. Fresh, local peaches are in season and I was going to snag my share.  Sweet corn is also available - another "not to miss" item. Plus, I was feeling a little down, a little sorry for myself this morning. Perhaps you've noticed in some of my posts that I've been through an awful lot lately.  For reasons too personal and complicated to share now, I found it hard to get out of bed this morning. I knew a walk into town, especially for some delicious, local fruit and produce, usually helps to get me out of that funk. I just needed to get my ass in gear and do it! After jerking around on this damned computer for a good portion of the early morning, I got my "s" together, grabbed a sack for the goods, and headed out the door and downtown.

It took a bit, but with each stride, I felt a little better.  The sun was hot and the air not too humid - yet! And there are always the distractions of sight, sound, and smell. I could feel my mood lifting. The Market was wonderful - filled with lots of LOCAL goods of all kinds. The local winery was even there and I bought a bottle of "Black Dirt Red" - at $10/bottle, a great deal.

But I was still not completely out of my funk. I still could feel that knot in my stomach, caused by thinking AND feeling too much. Then, as I was walking back to my apartment, I saw a man crossing the street, who, obviously, recognized a friend walking on the other side. The first man yelled, hi, rabbi! (I'm not sure if that was an official title or just a term of affection). The second acknowledged him with a how ya' doin'? To which he replied, if I was doing any better, I'd have wings! Believe it or not, I had never heard that one before: if I was doing any better, I'd have wings! I thought to myself, my god, that's were I want to be. That's were I NEED to be.

Anyway, it helped to further lift my mood. I'm almost there.  I just need to keep saying to myself, if I was doing any better, I'd have wings! It works. Truly, the power of positive thinking. Perhaps you should try it too!!

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