Friday, May 22, 2015

Today's MOZEN: The Black Hat

Words and photo by F LoBuono
A tall, thin black woman, probably in her mid-50's, was checking me out. She had long dreadlocks and was dressed almost like a gypsy. She was wearing a long, flowing sweater with lots of bangles and baubles adorning her body. Her appearance gave her an air of mystery. Perhaps, she was some type of shaman. The woman certainly had power. I sensed it. She caught my eye as I began to cross the street. I noticed that the more she looked at me, the more she smiled - a wry but pleasant smile. We approached one another and she said something to me that I could just barely make out. I thought that I heard:

"if I was a thief". . .

But, I could not make out the rest. As she came even closer, I leaned in to hear her better and asked her to repeat what she had just said. Gesturing to the rather stylish black fedora I was sporting at the time (a recent birthday gift), this was her response :

"If I was a thief, I'd steal that hat".

Not shocked, even grinning, I replied without hesitation:

"I've heard that before. I think that I may have to secure it by attaching it to by ear with a small chain".

"You do that, brother. You do that". She countered. Then she smiled broadly and walked on.