Thursday, May 7, 2015

Today's MOZEN: The Swallows Return

Words by F LoBuono
It was such a beautiful day - perfect for a sojourn with the dog. As we walked, I noticed that the strong sun felt especially good. It was the first truly warm day after a long and dark winter that just never seemed to end. And, the world responded in kind. Windows were open, kids played, people shopped. The town was alive once again.

The dog and I continued our journey, oblivious but for the caress of the delicious sunshine. We made our way through town and tarried a bit with friends at the Farmer's Market. After a brief interlude we headed for home. As we turned a corner near the town's library, suddenly, I heard them. It was the unmistakable cacophony of clicks and chirps that can only be made by one bird - the swallow. These most acrobatic of flyers are true harbingers of the looming summer. When they return to Nyack and the River, warm weather cannot be far behind. Squadrons of these little hunters fill the skies over the river as they swoop and dive after their insect prey - all the while chirping up a storm! Over the course of the summer, they will consume many times their own weight in insects. And, they seem to have such a great time doing it.

Summer is coming. And, I smiled.

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