Monday, September 26, 2016

The Great Debate: Day 2

Words and photos by F LoBuono
A theme commonly heard during the political season is that America has lost its influence in the world. Well, people who believe that have never experienced the season the way that I have. As a cameraman/technician for CBS, part of my responsibilities include working with reporting crews here to cover the political events, including tonight's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. And, there are HUNDREDS of them from virtually every corner of the globe. In addition to the multitude of local CBS affiliates that are also here for debate coverage, I have crews from Japan and all over Great Britain. In fact, the BBC (British Broadcasting Co.) has sent reporters from all over the British "Empire". I've personally counted over 20 from places as far away as India. Can you imagine American TV News crews covering the election in India or anywhere else with the same enthusiasm and dedication? I think not!

Certainly, the interest in this years election cycle has been particularly intense. The candidates are polarizing to say the least! Personally, in my fourth election cycle, I have not seen anything like it. It certainly makes for entertaining television (although I'm not sure they intended it to be that way).

It has been suggest that this first debate between the two will be record setting in terms of viewership.
In fact, pundits think that the number of people watching will rival that of a Super Bowl. Extraordinary. But, this whole political season has been so. Tonight should be more of the same.
And, of course, security will be equally intense.

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