Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Great Debate: Day 3

Words and photos by F LoBuono
At times like these, after an enormously important news event that involves so much personal emotion (like last night's Presidential Candidates Debate) it can be difficult to maintain one's journalistic integrity and impartiality. However, as you may recall, this is MY blog and was designed to be a forum for MY voice (as well as others). However, by keen observation one can put an intelligent and non-biased spin on what was witnessed. Then, you may form your own opinions.

Part of my responsibilities when working as a TV News technician, like last night's Trump-Clinton Debate, is to service correspondents from countries representing every corner of the globe. Even though I work in a technical capacity, I am not deaf, dumb, or blind. I watch. I listen. I learn. And, what I observed with those foreign reporters was shock and amazement that a man the caliber of Donald Trump has even made this far. However, it also reinforces the stereotype that many Europeans in particular have about us, i.e. The Ugly American. I heard one reporter from the BBC laugh while saying that The Game Show genre had reached new heights (or lows). And, he was not alone in that observation. I feel safe in saying that the MAJORITY of the considerable about of foreign reporters that I encountered had the same opinion - how could someone with the  temperament of Donald Trump reach for such a lofty goal? Then again, many shrugged and said, in many languages, that's American.


But, Donald Trump will NEVER represent my vision of America. Never.

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  1. Thanks Frank, the man was clown in the debate. Both a tool and a fool.