Thursday, December 22, 2016

On My Health

As open as I want to be with this blog, I don't often share details concerning very personal issues like finances or health. Not only is it generally no one's business, it's boring - who gives a shit?! But, at times, not sharing with people who genuinely care is rude - especially since some word has already leaked out.

So, here it is:

This past Tuesday, I went to do the laundry in the basement of our apartment house. While I was loading the machine a horrible feeling came over me. It was as if I KNEW something terrible was either happening or going to happen to me or someone close to me. It filled me with dread and actually made me weak in the knees. I gathered myself, shook off the feeling, and continued with my laundry. I remember leaving the room - and that's ALL I remember.

Here's what I am told happened next:

My next door neighbor heard a load CRASH on the porch. When he looked out he saw me convulsing on the porch deck. While his wife called 911, he rushed out to attend to me. He said that I was "completely gone", kicking and foaming at the mouth. After a time, I tried to right myself only to collapse again. When I did say something, it was incoherent babbling. Eventually, the paramedics game and loaded me unto a gurney for a trip to Nyack Hospital.

At the hospital I continued my incoherent behavior. Tests were taken and my blood pressure was found to be over 200!! Not good. It may have caused a small stroke. After more tests and some medication, I began to be myself again - weird but coherent. After 14 miserable hours, I dismissed myself from the hospital and walked the mile home (at 4am - see WEIRD). But, this is a story for another day.

I am the first to admit that I am terrible with my own health care. I haven't been to a doctor for a checkup in over 25 years - haven't had to - my health has always been EXCELLENT. Well, this has been a serious wake-up call and I have appointments with healthcare professionals to deal with it. I may be crazy but, generally, I'm not stupid! I don't want to die - not tomorrow anyway!

Let me take this moment to assure everyone that I am fine - for now - and am moving forward to make sure that it doesn't happen again. I would also like to THANK everyone for the outpouring of concern and support that I have been receiving. YOU will help me beat this!!



  1. Years ago (1981) when my husband was in law school, he had a grand mal seizure as you described. His roommates called an ambulance and he tried to fight them off and they would not take him. (thought he was on drugs) They got him to get in the car with him (carried him) and took him to an ER Room where he told them his name was Mikey. He was unconscious for over 13 hours and then in a semi coma for a couple of days. Turns out he had Virile Encephalitis

    1. Wow. I was almost there!! Thank god we both made it!!!

  2. Scary Frank. I never went to a doctor either, but we are 60, need to at least get blood work every year. I know you're a Bridgeman, but you still need to take care of yourself :)

  3. Scaring me Frank!!!! I want you to beat this too!!! Sending you positive healing vibes to help you keep moving Forward!!!