Friday, May 12, 2017

Today's MOZEN: What's in a Photo?

Photo: Alexander Scheherbak/Tass via Getty Images

Calling all Freedom Loving Americans, especially those Patriots who see themselves as undaunted supporters of our current President and administration. I need your opinions on this photo. It's a simple question, but you may take as time as you like with your answer. The backstory behind the photo is this:

The image is of a beaming President Trump greeting the Russian delegation, including the Russian ambassador and foreign minister, at the White House - in the midst of firing the man in charge of the Russian investigation. It was made by a RUSSIAN PHOTOGRAPHER (TASS News Agency) and distributed by the Kremlin - because the AMERICAN media was barred from the meeting.

What say you???????????


  1. Where's the American flag? I thought it was supposed to be by the door.
    Also, he needs to go. Now.

  2. TASS? You mean the WH was "tricked?"