Sunday, May 14, 2017

Today's MOZEN: For Women on Mother's Day 2017

F LoBuono

Mothers, today is your day. Women, today is your day - all women. Yes, despite the overt commercialism that most of our holidays now share, it is a day when we celebrate the power, the universal, unquestioned, unconditional, loving bond between mother and child. SHE is the life giver! And, we acknowledge her role.

But, it also celebrates ALL women. ALL women have the feminine energy that is the very essence of life. They are the creators. Men may lay claim to a great artistic legacy, but it is the women who are the hearth - the center of all life. They are the marrow. I have NEVER felt diminished by this truth. I have my own power. But, it lies in a different realm. Acknowledging the awesome role that women play in daily life is liberating - not only for them, but for men, too.

Women, you are EVE - the origin of life - ALL of you. You are not born of Adam's rib. You are of your own energy.

Enjoy YOUR day.

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