Monday, May 15, 2017

When You Think About It: OWN IT!

F LoBuono

You've been pulled over for a traffic violation that you feel is simply bogus. So, you try this routine with the police officer who is now in your car's window:

But, officer, I was just doing what everyone else was doing!

Standard police response:

Well, I didn't pull THEM over, I pulled YOU over. Tell it to the judge.

And, then, we are usually resigned to our fate.

So it should be with the Trump Administration. I'm tired of their excuses and blame game - Crooked Hillary did worse. Obama was guilty of spying and blah, bah blah, bah blah. Stop it. Just stop it!! We're not talking about THEM. We're talking about YOU. Stop deflecting! Own up to your own shit! You broke it - you OWN it.

Mr. Trump is celebrated as a tough guy by his supporters. Well, every genuinely tough guy that I have ever known was considered as such because they always took responsiblity for their actons - good or bad.  Well, Mr. Trump, step up!!!!!!!!

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