Saturday, June 17, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Joseph LoBuono, circa 1943

People who read my posts (those rare individuals) know I can, at times, pepper my entries with a healthy dose of sarcasm and, hopefully, some humor. Today, for Father's Day, I thought I would fill that bill by saying something like: Father's Day is the easiest holiday of the year for me - I'm not one and I don't have one any more either.

In addition to my rather twisted sense of humor, I am also NOT very nostalgic (I don't think that I even have a photo of me and my dad together).  Nor, am I particularly religious. You will never catch me posting memes that says something like: Daddy, missing you in heaven everyday. I don't mock people who feel this way, I just don't. I simply do not know where my father's soul is. All I know is that he has been physically gone from my life for nearly 30 years.

And, before you think me cold and thoughtless, let me add: I may not know where my father's soul resides but I DO know that his spirit lies within me. I AM the essence of what HE was. The lessons that he taught me have provided the basis for the man I am today. I'm sure that I will forget some, but here are the most important lessons he gave to me:

Respect for others begins with respecting yourself.
Treat everyone equally.
There is no one greater, or lesser, than yourself.
The greatest joy in life is family. Cherish yours.
Always strive to be the best, but accept that you will fail - often.
Never raise your hand to a woman or anyone less physical than you.
Always be brave, but never fear to be gentle, too.
Walk away from a fight whenever possible, but never let anyone lay their hands on you.
Be educated.
Speak your mind, boldly.
Seek out adventure.
Don't marry too young.
Listen to your heart.
No one loved me more than he did.

The last lesson is the one that I will always keep to sustain me. I can see his face and how he smiled when he would call to me and say, hiya, Frankie! And, at that moment and time, there was nothing in the world more important to him than my presence. And, that my friends, makes him immortal.

Happy Father's Day.

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