Saturday, June 17, 2017

Today's MOZEN: The Color of Justice is GREEN.

F LoBuono

They say in this Country, when it comes to justice, there are only 2 colors: white and black. And, to take it one step further and read between the lines, it really means that white Americans receive fair treatment while black Americans get little or no justice.

I disagree, at least partially.

The ONLY color that ultimately matters in the American justice system is GREEN!!!!!!

As in the color of cold, hard cash.

An example supporting my claim just happened again this past week. One WEALTHY and FAMOUS BLACK MAN, Bill Cosby, was granted another trial for sexual offenses against a woman (women) after the first one resulted resulted in a hung jury. Despite STRONG evidence that Mr. Cosby actually committed the crimes he was accused of, his HIGH POWERED and VERY EXPENSIVE lawyers used their considerable skills to make this happen - and, I might add, not for the first time (see OJ Simpson).

Then you have the case of a POOR BLACK MAN in Minnesota shot to death in his car by a WHITE POLICEMAN, despite the fact that the victim was following the policeman's orders. The policeman was acquitted on all charges.

So, let's summarize: Two trials involving black men - both seeking justice through truth - end with completely different results. So, what's the difference - both men where black?

Well, it seems that one had the power of GREEN, i.e. $$$$$, while the other only had his good reputation to aid in his families' quest to get justice for him. And, against a white cop that just ain't good enough. Without the GREEN behind him, he was just another nigger who got out of line.

Until we level the playing field, unfortunately, I fear the ONLY color that ultimately matters is GREEN.

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