Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Words and photos by F LoBuono

It sure seems easy to get depressed these days. One just need turn on the television to see an almost endless barrage of bad news. Terrorists of all varieties take human life indiscriminately. The cops are killing innocent people and people are killing innocent cops. Our Country seems to be not only in a state of confusion, but split ideologically as rarely seen before. Then, the Spring weather in the Northeast simply SUCKED. Throw in a few personal issues like selling a home, resolving relationships, getting older, commuting through insane traffic into NYC, trying to make ends meet financially, and its not hard to get down.

When this happens, its easy to focus on the negative - the things that are wrong in our lives - instead of taking of moment to observe what is beautiful and, therefore, right with them.

And, if you let it, it can happen at the most unexpected times and in the most surprising places.

Like yesterday.

First, it started on a most positive note: after strong storms the previous day, it dawned sunny and bright - not a cloud in the sky. I had the day off which meant I could spend it with my dog, Rexie which always makes me smile. I jumped in my truck to make my way up 9W and the house where he lives on a daily basis (it's a "joint custody thing" LOL). My windows were down and the radio was blasting - the throbbing drum beat of Bob Marley's Exodus was carrying us on the wind. After that, Neil Young's Like a Hurricane had such meaning for me at that moment that it brought me to tears - literally. At a spot where the road makes a hard right turn, there is a grassy meadow that you must pass. As I made the turn, the meadow exploded in white. It was almost as if it was snowing - upside down. I then realized that they were tiny, white butterflies - hundred of them!

I picked up the dog and we continued our way together. And, my mood had changed completely. I became more and more aware of ALL the beauty that surrounds us: a swallow swooping low right over the top of my truck. A field of hap-hazard wild flowers graced one side of the road. I looked up to see a lone cormorant, long neck leading the way flying furiously towards the River. We took the scenic route through town, passing gracious homes and well-kept gardens. The village was alive with window shoppers and sidewalk diners.  The River glistened like quicksilver in the distance. We spent a good portion of the day walking, working in my garden, and, overall, taking the time to allow life to come to us.

Then, after a serene evening and long sleep, we walked to the River to catch the dawn of the Summer Solstice - just in time to witness this. The Summer Solstice is upon us:
The Summer Solstice

The ugliness in life will never go away. It provides yin for the yang. But, it is just as important that we know life is beautiful, as well. We just need take the time to notice. All of it.

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