Thursday, June 15, 2017

When You Think About It: SENSIBLE Gun Control -NOW!!!

F LoBuono

Now that most of the smoke has cleared from the horrific shooting incident in Alexandria, Va. this week (6/14/2017), I feel it important to say a few things.

First, and foremost, violence of any kind, on any level, directed against any individually is simply unacceptable. Period. I abhor violence in all its forms and manifestations. It has no place in our politics or our society. We must reject it totally and completely.

Next, we can look for a silver lining within the dark clouds of this heinous crime. And, that is a renewed sense of unity that has been so lacking since that last, brutal election season. Both sides of the aisle have put aside their differences, at least temporarily, to unite in support of their comrades who were attacked and seriously wounded. This is a good thing. I hope that it lasts, although I have my doubts.

Last, and, perhaps, most controversially, I hope people, without malice, will see the irony in the entire situation. It is obvious that a deranged man was able to LEGALLY purchase an ASSAULT WEAPON and use it to gun down the VERY people who support the legislation that ALLOWED him to LEGALLY purchase the weapon in the first place -that's right out of the Irony Handbook! Let's face it folks, the NRA is the largest supporter of GOP candidates and Representatives of any lobbying group in the Country. So, in a sense, the GOP got what they paid for.

Now, this is not my attempt to be glib, especially when people were so seriously hurt. But, rather, I would ask people to see it for the insanity it is and DO something about it by INSISTING that our legislators. We need UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS and close the GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE. These things are both REASONABLE and DOABLE. Now, the Republicans can choose: pass the legislation or continue to eat their own children.

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