Tuesday, July 4, 2017

No Title - Just Read It - Adults Only

First, let me qualify: It's 3:32 in the morning. I've had a long day, worked a long night shift, and had a few bourbons.

Now, with that said, I feel compelled to go nuclear and say what I feel needs to be said in a way that I try to avoid, but is also a big part of who I am - a neighborhood kid from Fort Lee, NJ. It's the language of the streets; a vernacular I am as comfortable with as saying good morning.

Fuck this fucking bullshit!!!

I simply can't stand the lying anymore! Every fucking word that comes from this Administration, if not an outright lie, is a distortion of the highest fucking magnitude.

And, it's mean. And, it's stupid. Just plain, fucking stupid!!!!

Tweet after ridiculous tweet barrages us with bad fucking English and even worse content: misogyny, misanthropy, homophobia, xenophobia, and a host of other fucking maladies.

And, now, the President - the President of THESE United States posts an absurd video that he thinks is funny and his supporters have the blind temerity to agree.

In fairness, I don't think he intended violence. He REALLY thought that he would make a point with his base by being funny.


Well, it wasn't

AND that's besides the point: he's the most powerful man on the planet, the representative of a culture that is (was) a beacon for freedom, and class, and compassion, and he's making videos that I would expect to see from a fucking 12-year old!!

Holy shit!!! Are you fucking kidding me???

I'd like to say forgive me. I'm sure that Stella and my Aunt Anna Maria would not approve of my language. But, if not now to issue a battle cry, stated in the most direct of terms, then fucking WHEN?

This shit must end. . .


  1. Sometimes, you just have to unleash the fuck.

  2. Yes, UNLEASH Frankeeee. ...and they are so disturbed and mean they just won't hear it. Power & GREED! On the
    4th of July no less ?

  3. Frank, usually I lose someone after the admittance of 3 bourbons, but this is right on straight up the truth. It's all bullshit and it's all a wag of the dog to keep the American people dumbed down and hide what is going on behind closed doors. AND... the GOP worship of the almighty illusionary form of power, $, continues... Someone needs to blow that shit up!!!!! *internet police, not saying it is me* LOL!

  4. LOVE the way you tell it like it is.
    This is the biggest sack of bull fucking shit this Country has ever had pooped on it.
    "The Leader" of the "most powerful Country in the World" is a sad, pathetic, lying, walking bag of fecal matter.
    Nothing more, nothing less.