Sunday, July 16, 2017


F LoBuono

It's no secret: I curse unabashedly. Some prefer the word swear. Profane would also be accurate. As a kid, when I perfected those skills in the streets, we used cursing. So, that's what I'm most comfortable calling my choice of colorful words. You may use whatever term you wish.

It has become such a part of my lexicon that I don't even notice just how frequently I use impolite language. It's really become second nature.

But, there is also a message behind my madness - making a clear, concise, and, mostly effective statement in a way that will at least be noticed.


Because it gets peoples' attention.

For example, I was having a very challenging, but rewarding debate over politics (what else?) with a Facebook friend. I WILL press people on their points, but I avoid the use of pejoratives - at least for the most part. For some reason unknown to me, he took exception to a few articles that I presented to him to support my point. Suddenly, the tone changed. He aggressively began to press me on my knowledge of the articles I presented and, further, to claim that I was not on his intellectual level. He even asked what book(s) that I was currently reading! Ironically, the original debate centered around my premise that there is a growing anti-intellectualism in this County.


First, even if it were true (and, it sure might be!) it was completely inappropriate under those circumstances. It's an insult and, therefore, does not belong in any REAL debate, anyway. In fact, it usually ends the discussion because it implies that one person's POV is invalid. At least, it does for me - but, not without giving a parting shot. Since, he had already decided that I was beneath HIS intellectual level, there was no point in attempting to reach him there. It was a lofty place that, obviously, he preferred to occupy alone. So, I shepherded him to my level. I called him for what he was: an arrogant asshole. It sure got his attention.

And, I found it completely appropriate.

Allow me to explain.

Assholes are what they are. They serve an important function by controlling the expulsion of waste. No one "likes" to talk about it but, they are very necessary and everyone has one. However, generally, at some point, no matter how hard you try, they stink. That's why they have to be washed. But, they will always be what they are: the port for the elimination of shit - same as some people.

Of course, he responded that my response was typical of someone of my level.

Well, yeah. Just like Popeye, I yam what I yam.

If I denied that, and made myself into something that I am not, THEN I would just be another arrogant asshole. . .

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  1. On the money . So we'll stated and completely understood and agreed .. TY.. Good Morning !