Thursday, July 27, 2017

When You Think About It: Mean Spirited

F LoBuono
Many will interpret this as a post about politics. It is not, really. It is about human nature. It's about the behavior of those in positions of power in the current Administration, not their ultimate political agenda. And, that conduct can be summed up in two words: MEAN SPIRITED.

The dictionary defines the term as follows - petty; small-minded:ungenerous: a mean spirited man, unwilling to forgive.

Well, when you think about it, there should be a photo of Donald J. Trump next to this definition.

EVERY move made by this administration would fit within the definition. From immigration, to deportations, to James Comey and the FBI, to the Boy Scouts, to the media, to Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice, to Robert Mueller and the CIA, to women, to gay and transgender people, to Sean Spicer, to Anthony Scaramucci, to Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, to Reince Preibus, to Steve Bannon, to Betsy Devos, to Russia, to Hillary Clinton, to people with disabilities, to John McCain, to education, to transportation, to the environment, to sanctuary cities, to Iran, to Health Care and to virtually every other endeavor they have attempted or person they have engaged, this Administration is the living embodiment of the term MEAN SPIRITED. Every move seems to be calculated to inflict the most pain, embarrassment, and shame on anyone deemed in opposition to the President and his inner circle. And, apparently no one seems to know when the tables may be turned on them. One day they enjoy the privilege of the President and the next they are treated as pariahs.

The Administration's motivation is command and control. Their method is intimidation. When pressed on issues, they attack. When questioned on their methods, they insult. When cornered by facts, they obfuscate.

And, still they find support.

It begs the question, what can people still possibly see in an administration that has not passed a single, major piece of legislation, alienated most of the world, and continues its barrage on human decency?

All I see is misery, ineptitude, bombast, and degradation as the major attributes of this administration. And, I see a leader either incapable of, or unwilling\ to, do anything to make it better.

If this your vision for the future of this Country, we are truly in deep trouble. Unfortunately, most of you who read this blog already know that. So, I fear that my post will only reach so many. But, if I can change even one mind, I'll have accomplished something more that I would by not saying anything at all . And, that is worth something.

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