Saturday, July 29, 2017

When You Think About It: The Hypocrite in All of Us

F LoBuono
Hypocrisy is a word that I use frequently - especially lately. No institution seems to be immune from it. And, I've made it no secret that, right now, I believe that it begins at the top and trickles down. Our President seems to be rife with it. And, I could site many examples.

However, that's not my point.

ALL of us can be hypocritical, if not hypocrites*, in our lives. All of us. It is to be human.

Allow me to explain.

Recently, President Trump's newly appointed Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci, went off in an expletive laden interview with The New Yorker. For most, it was shocking and, unfortunately, seen as stereotypical of an Italian-American from New Yawk. It spawned outrage; how could the representative of the President of the United States use such foul language?

And, it wasn't just church ladies who were incensed. Many liberals were all over it, too. I was one. I wrote that; yes, I use foul language ALL of the time but, would never in such a situation.


Well, when you think about it, how many people expressed their outrage on Facebook and in the past had posted memes that using expletives was the sign of a more intelligent person? I know that I saw MANY of those postings and may have even shared one or two!

Well, if it's good for The Mooch, it's good for the friggin' gander.

Even though, on balance, I do not believe the use of such colorful language (as it is politely called) is appropriate in ALL situations - representing the President being one of them - we can't have it both ways. In fairness, we can't use it when it's right for us while condemning it in others. At least, we should put it in perspective.

I suppose that, in the final analysis, as I often say; you get what you pay for. And, we bought a foul-mouthed bully and those who will gladly do his bidding.

Get friggin' used to it.

*you become a hypocrite when you use hypocrisy all of the time.

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