Monday, November 12, 2012

Chasing Sandy, Part 11

11/7/12 Rockaway Beach, NY

All photos and descriptions by F LoBuono

Like most of the hard hit neighborhoods that I covered, this one was incredibly tight knit. They banded together to take care of one another. Here, the local green grocery hands out food and supplies to dazed residents.

A cold, sandy-mud mixture, a few inches deep, covered every block from the ocean to hundreds of feet within the neighborhood.

Residents plan their strategy to reclaim there homes.

My ax.
Sun sets over the Rockaways.
Working well into the night. Engineer Romolo Feitosa and I spent many hours huddled inside this van, avoiding the wind, rain, snow, cold, and the occasional producer.

Didn't know that these still existed.


  1. If you don't look you don't see them. They used to be 10 cents per call, now it's 50 cents ...I think. It's been years since I've used one.

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  3. Stores carry disaster insurance for damaged goods. Under such catastrophic circumstances the only alternative would be to throw everything away. Items can be still be salvaged and put to good use, it only makes sense to distribute what can be used to everyone in need. This is truly a time when neighborhoods pull together.