Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chasing Sandy, Part 7

11/2/12,  Staten Island, NY

All description and photos by F LoBuono

Neighbor helping neighbor. It was all over Staten Island.

The local M.C. donate lots of things from their club including food, barbeques, and generators.

Helping hands.

Just a few of the hundreds of young people who came to volunteer and help - and they sure did!

There was heartache but they was joy, too.

Bulldozers swept everything away - everything but memories.

A good type of exhaustion.

The CBS Evening News soundman doing his best to stay warm on a raw day in SI.

You can only image the force of the wind that would twist a steel door like this!

Used to be the neighborhood deli.

When you help, you feel good.

Staying warm in SI.

You've done well, son. It's good to smile.
Making it through the night.

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