Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chasing Sandy, Part 2

All descriptions and photos by F LoBuono

Monday, 10/29/12, Lower Manhattan.

An angry Hudson tosses boats around. From the West Side Highway near 23rd St.

This is the Ferry Terminal in Battery Park City getting pummeled by the waves.

Sandy is just starting to kick in. That's Jersey City across the River.

That's the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island getting slammed in the late afternoon.

Covering hurricanes is an enormous challenge. Here we are trying to do a "live" broadcast at the height of the storm.

This is the VERY moment the sea wall in lower Manhattan was breached. Water from the River and Harbor came crashing in and completely flooded downtown.

The Ferry Terminal is literally being overwhelmed by the storm surge, which eventually reached 14 '!

Being in lower Manhattan was like being on the Titanic - we kept watching the water rise and rise until we were eventually trapped for a few hours!

My reporter Vinita Nair and I literally waded through waist deep water to escape. When we got to the other side of the West Side Highway, we found an evacuated lower Manhattan and no lights below 30th St. This is looking up Broadway from 29th St.

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