Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Today's MOMENT OF ZEN 11/13/12

Photo and words by F LoBuono

On days like today - dark, damp, and raw, I find myself feeling the same way as the weather - dark, damp, and raw. It seems that there is no need for the force of gravity; the world just sucks. After wallowing in self-pity for a time, I start to count my blessings rather than curse my shortcomings. Considering the calamitous events that have recently struck so many people, I certainly have no right to complain about anything. However, being human, all things are relative. And, so, I fight depression, often without REAL reason, on dark days, just like everyone else.

And I try to do something else; I pray. Yes, my incredulous friends, I pray! I pray to the unseen, unfathomable force that somehow drives the universe forward. I don't formalize it. I don't call it religious or even spiritual in the traditional sense. But I know that it is there. And a know that it is a positive, even blessed thing - if we can only reach it. Many have shown us the way and, by doing so, have shown us that there are MANY ways, so long as they are based in LOVE. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Confucius. All have shown that LOVE is the redeeming force. Only LOVE will conquer hate. It is the true way, the ONLY way. So, I pray to them all (and to none of them!) to show me the light - to replace my anger with compassion, to extend myself with kindness rather than seek release through cruelty. I must let go of the darkness and, not only live in the light, but share it with all others. When I can accomplish this, the darkness will lift and all will be bathed in the purifying light that is love and understanding. This I pledge.

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