Saturday, November 10, 2012

Chasing Sandy, Part 3

10/30/12. Nyack and Lower Manhattan.

All photos and descriptions by F LoBuono
Got home to back some fresh stuff and found this giant pine tree came down and just missed my hog!

When I eventually saw other communities, I realized how lucky we were . But we were not without damage - a beautiful, old Weeping Cherry in my yard was destroyed.

Rte. 9W, the main road leading to my house, was badly damaged and treacherous to navigate. This is on the border between New York and New Jersey.

Trying to pump out lower Manhattan.

This is the East Side entrance to Battery Underpass. This truck was supposed to prevent cars from entering when it  too was swallowed!

Not something that you see everyday.


The clearance warning says it all.

We won't be using this for a while.

Stephen Kanicka and Vinita Nair reporting from downtown and TRYING to stay warm.

The West Side entrance to the Battery Underpass. Just as bad as the east.

Not using this anytime soon.

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