Sunday, November 11, 2012

Chasing Sandy, Part 9

11/8/12 Rockaway Beach, NY

All photos and descriptions by F LoBuono
A lone surfer walks the jetty at Rockaway Beach to catch a monster wave stirred up by the Nor'easter punishing the coast again.

The surf at Rockaway was the most violent I have ever personally witnessed with waves 12-14 feet high! And this was just from the Nor'easter - Sandy was much worse!!

I made this photo of a surfer on a jetty in a driving snow/ice storm, giving it this surreal quality. 

Man vs. Ocean.


A Rockaway Beach policeman talks some "sense" to the surfer.

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  1. Hollis and I went to Long Beach the day before Sandy hit. Only time that kid ever didn't run from the car to meet me in the surf. Somehow he ended up locking the keys in the car... Met some of the nicest people getting ready for the storm, trying to figure out how to get back into my car - probably made my decision to move to LB after the storm ... We did not make it into the water - our window past. I can still the feeling of loss from not getting to play that day in the surf -- my sympathies to that surfer ...