Monday, September 3, 2012


These are photos that I made in between my "real" job for CBS News.They are basically in chronological order and should give you a feel for how the event developed.  In a sense they tell their own story. I have a bunch of them, so, I will break them up into installments.  Here's #1 - before it all began.
One of the venues for the 2012 RNC

The site of the 2012 RNC

The Tampa Bay Times Forum, site of the speeches for the RNC
The Tampa Bay Times Forum
The Tampa Bay Times Forum
One of the best. CBS technician, Phil Doyle
Bob Dreis and Alon Salzman survey our "live" position inside the Forum

The Republicans are coming!
Engineers Mike McGuire and Alon Salzman begin the very complicated process of wiring our Master Control
From the AP work space - a little frightening!
The stage takes shape inside the Forum

The quarter mile long tent between venues at the RNC. Eventually AC, lights and TV's were added.

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