Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Today's MOMENT OF ZEN 9/`9/12

Word and Photo by F LoBuono

This poem was inspired by a friend and lover. We were having one of our great philosophical sparing sessions when she suggested that she preferred one part of my persona over another. I responded that "I am both". When I thought about it further, I realized that I am more than "both", much more. . .                                                                          

I am

I am cocky. I am shy.
I am boastful. I am modest.
I am strong. I am weak.
I am aggressive. I am timid.
I am honest. I am full of shit.
I am smart. I am stupid.
I am fast. I am slow.
I am frustrating. I am rewarding.
I am giving. I am selfish.
I am thoughtful. I am boorish.
I am kind. I am cruel.
I am reasonable. I am stubborn.
I am easy. I am hard.
I am masculine. I am feminine.
I am traditional. I am iconoclastic.
I am full. I am empty.
I am warm. I am cold.
I am complete. I am empty.
I am fearless. I am a pussy.
I am loving. I am lustful.
I am everything. I am nothing.
I am a man.
I am a human being.

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