Saturday, September 8, 2012

Part 3, inside the 2012 DNC in Charlotte, N.C.

These are sequential.

I worked from 11pm-11am every night of the convention. So ,my co-worker and I arrived at the Time Warner Cable Arena at night, when the speeches were being delivered. This is the scene as we arrived when former President Bill Clinton was speaking. His image was projected on huge screens outside the arena.

The main entrance to the arena.
Local fireman, like many who did not have direct access to the arena, or had jobs outside of it, watched with great interest on the huge TV's located all around the arena.

The former President had everyone's complete attention, outside AND inside the building.

Another look.
The view from our shooting platform, of the enormous (22,000 people) crowd listening to Mr. Clinton. He was masterful and held them in the palm of his hand!

Part of my job is to provide production services to TV News outlets from around the country to around the world. I worked with journalists from Ohio to California to Wisconsin to Japan to Australia to Germany to Canada. Anyone who thinks the the US has lost its influence in the world has never seen the thousands of journalists from every corner of the globe to cover this unique, American event. Here, they watch Clinton before their "live" reports.
The huge crowd went crazy for Clinton. He is masterful because he enjoys it so much.  He LOVES the crowd and they sense that. So, they return the affection. It's a type of symbiosis. 

A tradition at both conventions is for people (not only women, but it usually is a woman) to wear fun hat, expressing their party loyalty.

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